Odis puppies with FCI pedigree

Odis puppies with FCI pedigree
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Category: Companion and toy dogs Breed: OdisNem: maleDog's birth: 01-17-2022Color: white and black
Odis puppies with FCI pedigree
ODIS (Domestic Ideal Dog from Odessa) - the first Ukrainian national breed.

Odis is a long-haired, decorative, intelligent dog that looks like the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, but much smaller (weight between 6-12 kg).
Currently, there are about 50 odis in Poland, and our kennel is the second Polish kennel that deals with this breed.

Odis - despite its long fur, it is not troublesome to care for, baths and regular brushing are enough.
It is an ideal family dog, a perfect companion even for very long journeys and also for lazing together :)
Due to its size and speed of learning, it is suitable for obedience training or dog sports.

In January our imported from Odessa female became a mother of 6 puppies.
The father of the litter comes from the first Polish kennel that brought the breed to Poland.

We have two promissing showclass males available.

Puppies are in Poland!

Our puppy will take to his new home:
* health book/passport with all vaccinations
* pedigree of the Polish Kennel Club / FCI
* confirmation of the DNA profile
* layette
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